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Wellbeing Economics
The Capabilities Approach to Prosperity

The Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at Lincoln University announces the publication of a new book in August 2018, addressing one of the most pressing issues of our modern age.

For decades, economists have thought their best contribution to wellbeing comes from fostering economic growth. That belief is challenged by persistent problems such as poverty, inequality and the threats to wellbeing from global climate change.

This book offers a new approach to promoting prosperity. It explains how individuals, families, communities and businesses can act to sustain and expand wellbeing. It explains how local and central governments can design economic policies to support wellbeing, and addresses how international collaboration can tackle climate change and other pressing global challenges.


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Watch two of the authors introduce the book


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An Overview of Wellbeing Economics: The Capabilities Approach to Wellbeing

Presentation by Paul Dalziel and Caroline Saunders to the Third International Conference on Wellbeing and Public Policy, Wellington, New Zealand, 5-7 September 2018.


Download a Research Report on Culture and Wellbeing


Culture, Wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework

Research Report commissioned by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and The Treasury. A shorter version of this report prepared for a general audience is available for download on The Treasury’s Living Standards Framework website.