Trends in Sustainability Issue Interest Part 1

The top sustainability issues that people are seeking information on from the media.

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This insight is part of a large body of work investigating how internet search traffic can be used to provide information on the level of public interest in different sustainability issues. I begin with a set of 46 high profile sustainability issues and use data from Google to work out which sustainability issues are showing the highest increased interest from people searching news articles. The charts below show the sustainability issues with the steepest increase in interest over the past five years. Longer bars represent a more significant increase in interest. This information can be critical in formulating private and public sustainability strategies to ensure that high priority issues are not being overlooked and that actions are aligned to stakeholder interests.


This short insight is part of a much larger body of work which seeks to provide advanced intelligence to maximise the value of sustainability programmes and policy. More information and resources can be found at or feel free to contact me directly with any questions:

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August 2019