facilitating unified monitoring and learning for sustainable agriculture in New Zealand

In partnership with the country’s agricultural industry sectors, the New Zealand Sustainability Dashboard project built online user-friendly tools for sustainability assessment and reporting that assist:

  • Overseas consumers to benchmark and verify the sustainability credentials of New Zealand exported goods through reference to monitoring results linked to internationally recognised sustainability frameworks and indicators.

  • Farmers, growers and primary sectors to meet local regulatory demands through the monitoring and reporting of Key Performance Indicators relevant to New Zealand industry, society, ecology and land care.

  • Farmers and growers to enhance management decision making, and improve overall sustainability, through the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators relating to the sustainability of their business

Who is involved?

This six-year research programme, which started in October 2012, built on a core of existing capability and knowledge of the Agriculture Research Group On Sustainability (ARGOS), supplemented by additional specialist researchers and their international networks.

It involved more than 15 researcher partners from about 10 local research organisations or companies, bringing together skills in economics, social science, ecology, Maori cultural science, engineering and agribusiness.


Who is funding?

It is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as well as more than 10 industry partners, primarily from the kiwifruit, winegrowing, organics and forestry sectors.