The Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU) has been a respected independent provider of applied economic knowledge since its formation in 1962.

The core mission of the AERU is to exercise leadership in research for sustainable well-being. Its vision is to be a cheerful and vibrant workplace where senior and emerging researchers are working together to produce and deliver new knowledge that promotes sustainable well-being to make a difference through their research.

The AERU operates as a semi-autonomous research centre at Lincoln University providing research expertise to a wide range of regional, national and international organisations in the public and private sectors. Its research focuses on economic, resource, environmental and social issues. It not only employs its own research staff, but also coordinates some of the external research undertaken by academic staff from other Lincoln University faculties.

The AERU’s research uses the latest methods, underpinned by academic rigour. This is focussed in three key areas - economic development, non-market valuation, and trade and environment – with research clients including government departments (both within New Zealand and from overseas), international agencies, New Zealand companies and organisations, and individuals


In particular, the AERU specialises in:

 • Development of indicators and monitoring

 • Investigation and measurement of economic contributions

 • Modelling and forecasting

 • Qualitative and quantitative research design, administration, analysis and reporting

 • Strategic economic analysis


For more information, contact Teresa Cunningham:

Phone: +643 423 0372